Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 3330000100%
    CGC:Under 14's440000100%
    CGC:6th Grade86020075%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 143001075%
    CGC:Under 11's South86002075%
    CGC:Under 12 South43001075%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 132010067%
    CGC:4th Grade85021063%
    CGC:5th Grade85021063%
    CGC:Under 12 South42002050%
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup83023038%
    CGC:2nd Grade83023038%
    CGC:3rd Grade South83032038%
    CGC:Under 11's South83005038%
    CGC:5th Grade72023029%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 341003025%
    CGC:Under 13 Division 141003025%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 24000310%
    CGC:Under 13 Division 23000210%
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       

    Season batting statistics
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 36452823.041424.52017
    CGC:Under 14's11453038.172065.55071
    CGC:6th Grade15245030.482456.22194
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 18003721.622153.72046
    CGC:Under 11's South13505325.471608.44000
    CGC:Under 12 South10583629.391935.46151
    CGC:Over 40s Division 15041926.53895.66022
    CGC:4th Grade17184736.552387.20384
    CGC:5th Grade12424925.351796.91045
    CGC:2020 KOOKABURRA CUP T20 TOURNAMENT5182619.92796.53022
    CGC:Under 12 South9973132.161845.39046
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup11295221.712644.27057
    CGC:2nd Grade10304622.392414.27056
    CGC:3rd Grade South10093727.271955.17143
    CGC:Under 11's South9426115.441605.89000
    CGC:5th Grade9604222.861934.97049
    CGC:Over 40s Division 37663521.891594.81025
    CGC:Under 13 Division 16483717.511544.19029
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 2576678.602242.570019
    CGC:Under 13 Division 2410459.111462.810015
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      

    Season bowling statistics
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 33340612.301442.810
    CGC:Under 14's454299.531682.540
    CGC:6th Grade5697217.362164.491
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 13256017.501603.481
    CGC:Under 11's South84101912.131606.370
    CGC:Under 12 South3574521.291714.350
    CGC:Over 40s Division 13038212.731053.630
    CGC:4th Grade54134224.852236.021
    CGC:5th Grade4598521.892004.920
    CGC:2020 KOOKABURRA CUP T20 TOURNAMENT2751819.19737.100
    CGC:Under 12 South4689819.521964.570
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup4791219.402204.140
    CGC:2nd Grade40103025.752294.490
    CGC:3rd Grade South42117427.952384.930
    CGC:Under 11's South57103018.071606.440
    CGC:5th Grade5195918.801865.151
    CGC:Over 40s Division 33271722.411484.831
    CGC:Under 13 Division 142127130.262106.030
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 23459617.531145.230
    CGC:Under 13 Division 23055418.471264.390
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team