Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    CGC:Under 12 South65001083%
    CGC:Under 14's65010083%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 143010075%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 343010075%
    CGC:Under 11's South118003073%
    CGC:6th Grade138041062%
    CGC:4th Grade127041058%
    CGC:5th Grade137051054%
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup126033050%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 163012050%
    CGC:Under 12 South63003050%
    CGC:2nd Grade124035033%
    CGC:3rd Grade South124053033%
    CGC:5th Grade124044033%
    CGC:Under 13 Division 162013033%
    CGC:Under 11's South103007030%
    CGC:Under 13 Division 251003120%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 361023017%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 26001410%
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       

    Season batting statistics
    CGC:Under 12 South12604627.392435.17154
    CGC:Under 14's14884136.292755.41081
    CGC:Over 40s Division 17052726.111295.47034
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 36972924.031544.50017
    CGC:Under 11's South18537126.102208.42000
    CGC:6th Grade20636631.263296.271137
    CGC:4th Grade21596533.223087.00397
    CGC:5th Grade17375829.952417.200117
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup15786225.453474.54098
    CGC:2020 KOOKABURRA CUP T20 TOURNAMENT5182619.92796.53022
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 18964719.062463.64047
    CGC:Under 12 South11844824.672345.04049
    CGC:2nd Grade14567220.223474.20069
    CGC:3rd Grade South15085427.932745.49265
    CGC:5th Grade13165922.312794.700611
    CGC:Under 13 Division 17654417.391794.25029
    CGC:Under 11's South13147816.852205.97000
    CGC:Under 13 Division 26484913.221963.310116
    CGC:Over 40s Division 37663521.891594.81025
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 2642778.342442.620022
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      

    Season bowling statistics
    CGC:Under 12 South5486716.062124.070
    CGC:Under 14's524999.601872.660
    CGC:Over 40s Division 14054813.701403.910
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 34351411.951812.830
    CGC:Under 11's South112145813.022206.631
    CGC:6th Grade80157319.663194.932
    CGC:4th Grade74162721.992835.751
    CGC:5th Grade58134923.262704.990
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup74135618.323364.030
    CGC:2020 KOOKABURRA CUP T20 TOURNAMENT2751819.19737.100
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 15179215.532233.551
    CGC:Under 12 South56106018.932464.300
    CGC:2nd Grade53143427.063194.490
    CGC:3rd Grade South61166427.283135.320
    CGC:5th Grade71145920.552845.131
    CGC:Under 13 Division 160165727.622766.000
    CGC:Under 11's South77146419.012186.690
    CGC:Under 13 Division 24376917.881764.360
    CGC:Over 40s Division 33271722.411484.831
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 24491820.861864.940
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team