Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    CGC:Under 12 South1210002083%
    CGC:Under 14's1210020083%
    CGC:Under 11's South1814004078%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 343010075%
    CGC:5th Grade2317051074%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 1107030070%
    CGC:6th Grade2214053064%
    CGC:Under 12 South117004064%
    CGC:4th Grade2113053062%
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup179044053%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 1126024050%
    CGC:2nd Grade176245047%
    CGC:3rd Grade South178063047%
    CGC:Under 13 Division 294004144%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 3104024040%
    CGC:Under 11's South1760011035%
    CGC:5th Grade207058035%
    CGC:Under 13 Division 1102025120%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 210002710%
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       

    Season batting statistics
    CGC:Under 12 South22188326.724674.751611
    CGC:Under 14's25467633.505015.080113
    CGC:Under 11's South328112226.893609.11000
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 36972924.031544.50017
    CGC:5th Grade319412325.975076.3001413
    CGC:Over 40s Division 112924230.762545.08079
    CGC:6th Grade329710930.255885.6012312
    CGC:Under 12 South21568924.224185.150918
    CGC:4th Grade343911330.435356.4341514
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup248010523.626044.1011111
    CGC:2020 KOOKABURRA CUP T20 TOURNAMENT5182619.92796.53022
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 115029415.984573.280613
    CGC:2nd Grade239211121.556063.941616
    CGC:3rd Grade South23968627.865164.64498
    CGC:Under 13 Division 211548413.743623.190124
    CGC:Over 40s Division 314736124.153164.66069
    CGC:Under 11's South227513816.493606.32000
    CGC:5th Grade213711318.914954.310919
    CGC:Under 13 Division 110867514.482933.700216
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 210011109.103672.730028
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      

    Season bowling statistics
    CGC:Under 12 South97155616.044303.610
    CGC:Under 14's1099909.083892.550
    CGC:Under 11's South190238312.543606.621
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 34351411.951812.830
    CGC:5th Grade154250516.275784.330
    CGC:Over 40s Division 178112214.382883.890
    CGC:6th Grade142258118.185834.422
    CGC:Under 12 South113175215.504483.900
    CGC:4th Grade140260618.615324.891
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup130222917.156163.622
    CGC:2020 KOOKABURRA CUP T20 TOURNAMENT2751819.19737.100
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 194135914.464253.192
    CGC:2nd Grade122217117.805304.092
    CGC:3rd Grade South113252622.356064.161
    CGC:Under 13 Division 280124215.533113.990
    CGC:Over 40s Division 358138123.812864.811
    CGC:Under 11's South138261918.983587.300
    CGC:5th Grade111237921.434824.941
    CGC:Under 13 Division 194229124.374395.210
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 280140717.593404.140
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team