Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    CGC:Under 13 Division 21311011085%
    CGC:6th Grade2016022080%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 3108011080%
    CGC:Under 13 Division 1128031067%
    CGC:4th Grade2314036061%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 253002060%
    CGC:Under 11's South127032058%
    CGC:2nd Grade1911044058%
    CGC:5th Grade2112036057%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 374003057%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 195022056%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 2116023055%
    CGC:Under 13 Division 163003050%
    CGC:3rd Grade197075037%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 1114016036%
    CGC:Under 14's114025036%
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup164048025%
    CGC:Under 12 South102017020%
    CGC:Under 11's South1720510012%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 291035011%
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 Tournament       

    Season batting statistics
    CGC:Under 13 Division 217578919.744094.290315
    CGC:6th Grade288910427.785545.210129
    CGC:Over 40s Division 313176619.953114.230411
    CGC:Under 13 Division 113415922.733144.27006
    CGC:4th Grade326214322.815775.6511121
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 24223611.721024.13018
    CGC:Under 11's South152510314.812476.17000
    CGC:2nd Grade257114218.118443.0501023
    CGC:5th Grade296811426.045255.6531110
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 37443421.881814.11036
    CGC:Over 40s Division 111044624.002334.74045
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 210867813.923273.320316
    CGC:Under 13 Division 17684218.292003.84005
    CGC:3rd Grade199810219.594934.050812
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 113136919.033493.76039
    CGC:Under 14's12148015.183773.220224
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup225710521.506223.6211011
    CGC:2021 KOOKABURRA CUP T20 TOURNAMENT6012920.721006.01023
    CGC:Under 12 South839988.562962.830035
    CGC:Under 11's South13343340.422405.56000
    CGC:Over 40s Division 26415811.051813.530215
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 Tournament00      

    Season bowling statistics
    CGC:Under 13 Division 2121132110.923853.430
    CGC:6th Grade152215214.165573.861
    CGC:Over 40s Division 38396811.663003.221
    CGC:Under 13 Division 16595114.632563.710
    CGC:4th Grade171282216.505964.731
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 23641811.611163.600
    CGC:Under 11's South95137414.462465.591
    CGC:2nd Grade162227714.067942.875
    CGC:5th Grade152242315.945364.521
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 34658212.651873.100
    CGC:Over 40s Division 16197015.902344.131
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 26797214.512843.422
    CGC:Under 13 Division 13783422.541954.280
    CGC:3rd Grade97186719.254084.570
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 173141719.413324.270
    CGC:Under 14's75112915.053473.250
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup114234520.576553.582
    CGC:2021 KOOKABURRA CUP T20 TOURNAMENT2480433.50978.230
    CGC:Under 12 South56134924.092974.540
    CGC:Under 11's South32168552.662377.110
    CGC:Over 40s Division 24596121.362014.780
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 Tournament00 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team