Season Statistics

  • All statistics include finals matches. Teams sorted by winning percentage.
  • Season win/loss record
    CGC:Under 11's South330000100%
    CGC:Under 12 South110000100%
    CGC:Under 13 Division 1110000100%
    CGC:Under 14's110000100%
    CGC:5th Grade32010067%
    CGC:6th Grade32010067%
    CGC:5th Grade21010050%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 121010050%
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup31011033%
    CGC:2nd Grade31011033%
    CGC:3rd Grade South31011033%
    CGC:4th Grade31011033%
    CGC:Under 11's South31002033%
    CGC:Over 40s Division 31000100%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 11000100%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 21000100%
    CGC:Under 12 South1000100%
    CGC:Under 13 Division 21000010%
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 3       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       
    CGC:Under 10 South       

    Season batting statistics
    CGC:Under 11's South5022123.90608.37000
    CGC:Under 12 South3771231.42735.11031
    CGC:Under 13 Division 12691026.90525.16002
    CGC:Under 14's508863.50895.71040
    CGC:5th Grade6832132.521006.83031
    CGC:6th Grade6302031.501056.00031
    CGC:2020 KOOKABURRA CUP T20 TOURNAMENT5182619.92796.53022
    CGC:5th Grade130914.44383.39003
    CGC:Over 40s Division 12651124.09495.41000
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup5492027.451154.77031
    CGC:2nd Grade3361719.76764.42014
    CGC:3rd Grade South4802420.00965.00022
    CGC:4th Grade4681433.43686.88111
    CGC:Under 11's South2982213.55604.97000
    CGC:Over 40s Division 3181920.11404.53001
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 11951019.50553.55011
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 2222278.22852.60009
    CGC:Under 12 South4131331.77765.43013
    CGC:Under 13 Division 2198287.07712.790010
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 300      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      
    CGC:Under 10 South00      

    Season bowling statistics
    CGC:Under 11's South3335110.64605.850
    CGC:Under 12 South1526217.47564.680
    CGC:Under 13 Division 12039319.65794.930
    CGC:Under 14's16935.81481.900
    CGC:5th Grade1545430.27706.490
    CGC:6th Grade1621613.50643.381
    CGC:2020 KOOKABURRA CUP T20 TOURNAMENT2751819.19737.100
    CGC:5th Grade2025712.85653.940
    CGC:Over 40s Division 12024512.25683.580
    CGC:1st Grade - Kookaburra Cup1331324.08644.880
    CGC:2nd Grade2236516.59844.320
    CGC:3rd Grade South1731918.76714.490
    CGC:4th Grade1950126.37845.910
    CGC:Under 11's South2336715.96606.120
    CGC:Over 40s Division 3718426.29374.970
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 11330923.77833.720
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 21218515.42345.410
    CGC:Under 12 South1635222.00734.820
    CGC:Under 13 Division 21626416.50515.140
    CGC:Turf Juniors Div 3911312.56412.76 
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  
    CGC:Under 10 South00 0  

    W1Number of 1st innings wins
    W2Number of outright wins
    DrawNumber of Draws and Ties
    L1Number of 1st innings losses
    L2Number of outright losses
    100sNumber of hundreds scored for this team
    50sNumber of fifties scored for this team
    0sNumber of ducks scored for this team
    FiveWNumber of five wickets in an innings taken for this team